Youth Treatment Programboys-with-skateboards

An alternative, customized recovery program for 14-18-year-olds

The sad truth is, youth are much more difficult to treat than are adults, and they have a significantly lower success rate in maintaining sustained sobriety than people over 25. At CHI Recovery, we understand the complicated factors that make this a reality and are able to address these conditions by providing strong community reinforcement methods: volunteerism, educational support, healthy socialization options, and keeping our participants engaged and active.

Our most powerful tool in the treatment of addiction is prevention.  One in four children who begin using addictive substances will develop a true addiction while only 1 in 25 who begin use as an adult. We have seen evidence of this in the past with the tobacco industry marketing to children. We see it now with bubble gum flavored nicotine. Our schools have become markets for all street drugs and we, as a society have done little in response.”
— Dr. Locke Wilson, MD – Medical Director, CHI Recovery, Inc.

We have created an alternative, customized program for younger participants, which goes further to meet the needs of this population. For 14-18-year-olds, we give a lot more peer group therapy and family therapy sessions while we nudge the enrollees toward educational accomplishments and/or trade/skill development (additional fees may apply). Our youth participants are expected to serve on our Youth Outreach Committee and will be active in creating innovative programs for all people in Sonoma County who are seeking healthy lifestyle alternatives. In the past years, we have had three youth projects that have been real successes: the Friday Night Social Club, The Events Calendar (holiday special events we host), and the slam-dunk JUICED! Music and Food Festival at the Russian River.

We also offer Family Wraparound Services for those desiring more support. Couples counseling, intensive weekly therapy for other members of the family; a child psychologist, diagnostic mental health assessments, nutritional counseling, emotional release (somatic) bodywork, workshops and retreats, and tension release/therapeutic massage are just a few of the auxiliary services available to participants.

During their time with us, we want adolescents to gain a vital understanding of addiction and its origins. Through a series of meetings with licensed therapists and Personal Development Sessions, adolescents will learn, in depth, about their personal choice and the most common reasons why an addiction would begin in an individual. They will be able to gain perspective regarding the impact of their personal use on members of their family and friends. We will speak about building self-esteem, and work to develop foundational coping and stress reduction skills; like yoga, meditation, and direct communication. We will explore these topics with handouts and Power Point presentations on Non-Violent Communication Techniques, CHI Recovery’s Tool Belt, and The Arbinger Model.

Participants will also conduct a group research project with each person taking on a category to study and report back. The subject areas could be the current annual death tolls as a result of an addiction, law enforcement, drug traffickers, suicides, economic costs in healthcare, or countless other topics related to addiction. The purpose of this project is to gain an empathetic awareness of the toll on families and community.

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