Meet the CHI Recovery Providers

Your CHI Recovery Providers are not only comprised of Provider Members (including a Medical Doctor or Nurse Practitioner, Addiction Certified Acupuncturist, Nutritionist, and licensed Mental Health Providers), but also by numerous support members and volunteers. These community partners may include Psychiatrists, Naturopaths, Physical Therapists, Physical Trainers, both In- and Out-Patient Rehabilitation Centers, community organization members serving this population, and others whose scope of practice is within the field of addiction treatment. Every member of your Provider Team is a member of a qualified professional operating under the guidelines of CHI Recovery, Inc.


chi recovery providers-robin-stuartRobin Stuart
Marriage and Family Therapist
Executive and Clinical Director

I am passionate about your recovery. No one has to be burdened by this disease—and everyone has the inherent right to a quality life. I will show up for you and give my all, if you will meet us in that place of sincere effort. Do this for yourself, and this program can change your life forever.

I’m ACTION ORIENTED, GOAL SPECIFIC and I don’t dish out BS in our work together—you are too important for that. I know that change occurs with simultaneous alignment between the heart (emotional alignment), the body (action) and   your honest intention (soul)—“showing up”.   I ask the same of myself in regards to you: you will see me.

I believe that counseling should make a significant impact right away when the client is committed. Dynamic Life Counseling has partnered with some of the most qualified addiction specialists in the region. We are all passionate in our work with addiction, co- dependency, families, couples and individuals who sincerely want dramatic change in their lives and relationships. My desire is to help you see yourself clearly, enabling deep life choices from a place of authenticity, empowerment and wisdom.

Trained primarily as a Family Systems Therapist, I have additional depth with Transpersonal, Cognitive-Behavioral and Feminist Psychology and have, as an aside, had an expansive history in business. Generally-speaking, I “get it” and can help you fix complicated relationship dynamics, addictions, co-dependency, problem patterns, depression or lifelong frustrations. Licensed over 20 years, I’m open-minded, interactive & fully engaged.

I have had tons of clients with diverse challenges; most are people just like you, seeking depth in their journeys and tangible results. No crisis is too great or problem too small. Reaching out is the hard part–it will get better from here.

Please take a minute or two to familiarize yourself with our Chi Recovery Providers.



locke-wilson- chi recovery providersDr. Locke Wilson, Clinic Director
Healdsburg Primary Care

I have found it a great honor to work with Chi clients since Chi Recovery’s inception. Healing happens in the heart, mind and body: that’s why working collaboratively with people who grasp the importance of unified, holistic healthcare is so exciting to me. As part of your care team, I welcome your input as well as those who serve you—we really are all in the same boat, rowing in the same direction towards your full recovery of health.

I currently hold the privilege of serving as the Director of Healdsburg Primary Care. I received my medical degree from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and was certified by the American Board of Family Medicine, 1989-2014. Before landing in Healdsburg and worked as a resident at Community Hospital of Sonoma County, in the Family Residency program, and prior to this, I participated in family practice and research in a variety of studies through the University of California at San Francisco.

I look forward to helping each of my patients achieve optimal health, as partners.


cuyler-goodwin providersDr. Cuyler Goodwin, DO
Sequoia Mind Health

Hi, I’m Dr. Cuyler Goodwin.  I’m a psychiatrist serving Sonoma, Marin and Napa Counties.  I was born in Santa Rosa and attended undergraduate, medical school and residency training in the Bay Area, ultimately graduating from the UCSF Psychiatry Residency Training Program.  I’ve had the opportunity to help clients from all walks of life, suffering from a broad range of psychological and emotional problems, in both outpatient and inpatient settings.



jody-james chi recovery providersJody James, MS, L.Ac.
Acupuncturist & Nutritional Advisor
Diplomate of Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)
Asyrah’s Garden

I discovered the healing powers of acupuncture and energetic medicine during my recovery from a life-altering injury in 2001. My Masters of Science degree is from the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College, Berkeley, California. As post-graduate studies I chose stress and pain resolution, acupuncture cosmetology, color and sound therapies, and women’s reproductive health.

I am also an Allied Health Professional at Palm Drive Hospital, Sebastopol, where I treat patients pre- and post-operatively to minimize pain, anxiety and surgical complications and to speed recovery.

Our history, lifestyle, diet, environment and attitude all play an important part in our health, and I strive to empower people in their healing process through education, intuition and compassion. I am also a vocalist, dancer, designer and writer.


nancy-vogl- chi recovery providersNancy Vogl, Director of Community Outreach and
Youth Programming

For 30 years now I’ve been a part of a vibrant and life-affirming community of non-profit organizations serving the vision of a peaceful planet. As a musician, I helped usher in a new awareness of the need for women to assume their rightful place in decision- making in health, rape/domestic violence services, ecology and wage equality.

Over the years I’ve made several albums and played in other groups making music that speaks to a better world for all. When not on tour, I worked in youth residential treatment and Juvenile Hall, drawing on my experience in Recreation and Parks and teaching Art in private schools. During the 90’s, as Youth Service Director for the Volunteer Center of the Sonoma County, I became passionate about youth service and served as a Regional Lead for the CA. Dept. of Education, the State Superintendent’s Task Force on Service-Learning and led workshops for state and national conferences. I represented Northern California for a year in Barcelona, Spain as a Rotary Foundation International Peace Ambassador, and have spent most of my life dedicated to fostering cultural diversity and human rights. For almost 20 years now I have worked with Jim Foster as Co-Directors of Positive Images, in Sonoma County. My best to you in the work you do towards a greater kindness and communities rich with love.


Psychological Services:

Lawrence Peltz, Ph. D., LMFTlawrence-peltz chi recovery providers

Psychotherapy is about freedom: freedom from suffering, freedom to improve what is working poorly in one’s life and to develop as an authentic human being. It’s also about exploration within a relationship where safety and trust are established; feelings are honored; pain is healed. My commitment is to listen carefully, provide support, understand your concerns, help you to gain insight and guide you to identify available options while respecting your right to make your own choices. My style: engaged and interactive. My capacity for empathy is substantial. Theory and methodology is always matched to individual needs and circumstances.

Perhaps you’re suffering with anxiety, loneliness or depression. You may be needing help with a close personal relationship or seeking support during a period of transition. You may be troubled with questions about alcohol, drugs or other problematic behaviors. Let’s sort things out together and find solutions. I have a doctorate in Psychology, Master’s degrees in both Systems Management and Counseling & Guidance, coupled with decades of clinical practice, provide a solid base for our work together.

debra_kelly chi recovery providersDebra Kelly, LMFT

When you are in transition, it is easy to feel stuck, confused and disconnected. You don’t know where you’re going or how you’re going to get there or if you even want to make a change.

If you are feeling confused and afraid about what the future might bring, you don’t have to face it alone.  If you are feeling disconnected or numb, you can find the joy in your life again.  If you’re feeling lost, I can help you find meaning in your life.  You can reconnect with life in a way that makes sense for you.  You can understand your feelings, yourself and your choices and move forward with satisfaction in your life. I will help you determine where you want to go from here and help you make the change. You will feel confident that you are doing what is right for you. I can help you build the life you truly want. Call me to take the first step of claiming your unique journey.

elena-chieffo chi recovery providersElena Chieffo, MA, LMFT

 I offer a compassionate and supportive environment utilizing a strength based approach. I use an integrative and relational approach to tailor treatments that meet the unique needs of each individual.

I specialize in transpersonal and somatic therapy in treating the whole-person. Some areas of focus include life transitions, PTSD, relationship issues, couples/marital counseling, anxiety, depression, loss/grief, anger management, substance abuse, spirituality, identity exploration, parenting issues, blended families, co-parenting and divorce.

As a therapist I bring my education, training, professional experience, a diverse career background and my personal life experiences. I hold a deep commitment to my own healing and inner growth and believe in the healing potential of psychotherapy and counseling.

cathy-beardsley providersCathy Beardsley, MA, LMFT

As a client-centered collaborative therapist, my goal is to help you uncover your potential and lead a life that is meaningful to you. While we can’t change difficult situations of the past, we can work together to better understand and resolve challenges you face in your life. Working deeply in a safe and supportive way, we will explore behavior patterns or negative perceptions that may be holding you back from experiencing a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

I work with a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues providing services that span from therapy for depression and anxiety counseling to trauma resolution and identity issues, couples counseling and beyond. My approach is client-centered and collaborative and I work to support your process in a kind, direct, and caring way.

nancy-burns providersNancy Burns, LMFT
EMDR / Hypnotherapy
Marriage and Family Therapist

I have over 20 years of successfully working with individuals suffering from trauma including sexual molestation, violent relationship, witnessing a traumatic event, or growing up in a verbally, emotionally or physically abusive environment. I am trained in E.M.D.R., an evidence-based approach to address and heal traumatic life experiences.

My style is interactive intervening when necessary with care. Individuals and couples have expressed their appreciation of my approach. Relationships can bring up wonderful feelings and on the other hand can stir up the most painful feelings as well.   In a safe and supportive environment, I gently invite you to notice your triggers and response to your partner. With support and guidance, couples learn how to respectfully express their thoughts, feelings and needs without using blame or criticism.

I hold a masters’ degree in counseling psychology from the University of San Francisco in 1989. Prior to opening a private practice in 1994 as a licensed psychotherapist, I worked in various settings including Social Advocates for Youth; Pocket Ranch – an inpatient facility; as well as an interdisciplinary group practice.

My approach is caring, sensitive and collaborative. Using a process of self-inquiry, clients are guided to find clarity and insight. Depending upon the situation, I draw from a diverse approach of counseling skills which may include E.M.D.R., Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral, Psych-K®, Mindfulness and Insight Meditation.


denise-wagner providersDenise Wagner, LCSW, Psy.D





tom-cobb providersThomas Cobb, LMFT

Biofeedback & Tai Chi


Jean-Marie Jobs, BS, CNLP

Kristi Dee Doden, BA, CMT, TRE Certified

Kaitlyn (Kate) Pintor, Coach
Kate Pintor & Associates

Isoke Feme


pat_jackman chi recovery providersEmotional Release Bodywork (aka Amanae)
Pat Jackman, M.A.

I completed my Master’s Degree 22 years ago and found Amanae bodywork 20 years ago, practicing it ever since. This deep tissue bodywork allows your body to release long stored trauma, including psychological and spiritual as well as physical. Releasing these blocks allow your heart to open and your true self to emerge.


Yoga for Traumagangarani-keech chi recovery providers
Gangarani E. Keech, MEd,
RYT-500, Yoga Therapist

I am a certified instructor in both Kundalini Yoga and Hatha Yoga traditions, and hold a master’s degree in counseling, focusing my final work on using yogic breathing to reduce depression in cardiac trauma survivors. I’ve taught for the University of Alaska and Infinite Yoga, in Fairbanks, Alaska, as well as privately, and facilitated workshops combining yoga and expressive arts techniques. I also have several years of experience working in community mental health and vocational rehabilitation.

Yoga offers tools for retraining the nervous system and empowering practitioners to become more self-aware. Yogic interventions have been found empirically helpful in addressing conditions including trauma, anxiety, and depression, as well as medical concerns such as diabetes, chronic pain, and heart conditions. Balancing the energetic centers of the body through use of posture, breathing, meditation, relaxation, and vibration of sounds, I help clients to come into their bodies and into their experience of the moment. In this receptive state they can recognize their mind-body-spirit connection, learn techniques to alleviate stress, and increase courage and creativity for change.

Rachel Lumberg, Behavioral Specialist

Also Available:

  • Deep Tissue and Medical/Lymphatic Massage
  • Ayurveda
  • Naturopath



Cecilia Radeski, D.C.

Health Club

Powerhouse Gym
515 5th Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95404


105 Morris Street, Suite 214
Sebastopol, CA 95472
(707) 824-0222

Sonoma County, Northern California