Due to cutbacks and insurance de-regulations for substance abuse & mental healthcare treatment, CHI Recovery has closed it’s doors.

Services are still available, however.

CHI Recovery’s Founder and Clinical Care Director provides a high level of expertise via consultation and treatment planning services, which will help you consider a path of care that is:

  • customized to your condition and needs,

  • comprehensive in its’s design, and

  • utilizing those service providers who are educated and equipped through advanced skills and training to offer you optimal care.

Find the very best evidence-based care, customized to fit the needs of your family or loved one. And save money by not wasting it on services and centers who do not exhibit optimal successes.

Holistic, Integrative and Collaborative Healthcare is within your reach.  You just need someone to teach you what you need, why you need it and where to find it.


Dynamic Life Counseling and Consulting Services:

Consultations address:

  • Substance Use Disorder (SUD)—Abuse or Addiction
  • Co-Occurring, Dual Diagnosis Disorders
  • Compulsions, such as sex, pornography, gaming or gambling addictions
  • Other mental health concerns, such as self-harm syndrome, bipolar, depression and anxiety disorders —with or without SUD

With Robin’s clinical expertise and input, she will help you craft your own program.


  • Of those who completed fully comprehensive 3-6-month programs with CHI Recovery, 80% sustained their sobriety over five years of tracking, according to self-reporting and a secondary confirmation by a family member.
  • CHI Recovery was awarded “BEST IN TREATMENT, 2012” by the magazine, Psychology Today.
  • We were researched by renowned addiction researcher, Dr. James Sorenson, Principal Investigator of NIH/NIDA and Professor/Director at UCSF, and Dr. Jasmin Llamas or Santa Clara University. Results available for your review.
  • CHI Recovery was presented Dr. Sorenson at the AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION’S ANNUAL CONFERENCE, 2017

Each Customized Care Plan is Designed with You to Meet Your Needs… and Your Budget!

Robin’s Menu of Services:

  • Therapeutic Interventions
  • Safe Housing Assistance with placement referrals to well managed Sober Living Environments (“SLE”)
  • Clinical Evaluations and World Health Organization (and other) Assessments
  • Referral to, (or acceptance as her own client,) to Expert Psychotherapy: Exceptional behavioral and mental healthcare therapies for both the participant and for the entire family—
    • Individual Therapy
    • Relational Therapy
    • DBT and CBT Process Group Therapy
    • Family Systems Therapy
    • EMDR
    • Biofeedback
    • Sex Therapy
    • Psychiatric Evaluations- both traditional and Functional Medicine
    • Clinical Consultations with Specialists
    • Superior Diagnostic Assessments and Expanded Care Referrals
      • Guidance towards Holistic Healthcare
        • Acupuncture
        • Acupressure
        • Nutritional Counseling
        • Medical Grade, Individually Formulated Supplements
    • Private Coaching Sessions
      • Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) Counseling
      • Transformational Accountability
      • Life Skills and Individual Goals
      • Non-Violent Communication and Anger Management
      • TRE – Tension, Stress, and Trauma Releasing Exercises
      • Yoga for Trauma
      • Medi-Cal Enrollment Assistance
    • Bodywork
      • Somatic Emotional Release Technique (ERT)
      • Lymphatic Massage
      • Swedish Massage
      • Deep Tissue Massage
    • THERAPY SUPPORT GROUPS–please see the Groups Page for listency.

Create the program which best suits your needs.  Whether you are struggling with mental health challenges or you are under the weight of a Substance Use Disorder, Robin Stuart can help.

Robin has often been asked why her program, CHI Recovery was so successful when others’ failed. 

It comes down to a few simple facts:

  1. Quality of Care is essential. Treatments are provided face-to-face with professional, clinically-skilled and seasoned, licensed providers.
  2. You may know what you need, so we listen to you… If you don’t, its likely that our experts do.
  3. Thinking treatment should only take place in a residential facility is just wrong. SUD sufferers especially, must learn to cope and live in the real world that surrounds us.
  4. Providers need to work collaboratively together to help you stay on course with unified treatment plans.
  5. Your program should be governed and monitored closely and should be altered along the way if new issues or challenges emerge.
  6. All treatment providers should agree to shared treatment planning which will likely positively affect you in several areas–physically, emotionally, educationally, psychologically, socially and spiritually.
  7. Do not rely on the Twelve Step exclusively.

You are not the things you struggle with. You are not summarized in this moment. In fact, we understand that you are so much more than the current challenges you face.  Begin to discover the genuine and amazing human being that you really are. Everyone has compassion, creativity, camaraderie and other contributions to share. Illuminate yours!  I can’t wait to see the positive differences YOU will make in other people’s lives.


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Robin will provide you with monthly “Superbills” for your ease in seeking reimbursed benefits from your insurance carrier. 

She is happy to help you better understand your benefits.  Contact Us today to find out what’s likely covered.

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CHI Recovery’s Program Model


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 CHI Recovery will work with your insurance carrier
to get you the maximum benefits possible. 

We’re happy to help you in understanding your benefits.

Please Contact Us Today to find out what’s covered!


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