US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy

The US surgeon general just issued a landmark report calling addiction what it is — a brain disease

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Surgeon General’s Report on Addiction Nearly 21 million Americans were directly affected by drug or alcohol addiction last year — roughly the same number of Americans who have diabetes — according to a new report from US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy on addiction. But just one in every 10 of those people got treatment. “We […]

child-boy-bw Opioid Crisis Affecting Children

How the Opioid Crisis is Affecting Children

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Opioid Crisis Affecting Children More children are being sent into foster care as a result of the abuse of heroin and opioid painkillers, The Wall Street Journal reports. Officials say opioid abuse is straining child welfare agencies.   Originally published in the Wall Street Journal The police officer who entered Mikaya Feucht’s Ohio apartment found […]

How Porn Affects the Brain

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Pornography has a similar effect on the brain as hard drugs, and can even physically change it. Here’s a video that really explains pornography addiction the science behind how watching Porn over time can become addictive, affecting your brain. Learn How Pornography Addiction Affects the Teenage Brain – Infographic Here are the ways pornography affects […]


Genetics of Addiction

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Genetics of Addiction Why do some people become addicted while others don’t? Family studies that include identical twins, fraternal twins, adoptees, and siblings suggest that as much as half of a person’s risk of becoming addicted to nicotine, alcohol, or other drugs depends on his or her genetic makeup. Pinning down the biological basis for […]


30 Days of Treatment – Decision Point offers treatment giveaway

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“We’re giving away 30 days of FREE treatment!” Decision Point Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center is doing something slightly out-of-the-box. They’re offering one person each month 30 days of FREE treatment. Would you sign up? Check it out with this link: . Although CHI Recovery can’t compete with 30 days of free treatment, we do offer […]


4th Annual Miracles Breakfast Celebrating Our Colleagues in the field of Addiction

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Meaningful Lives, Infinite Possibilities – Annual Miracles Breakfast Honoring Addiction Professionals Today, November 4th, Constellation Behavioral Health presented the 4th Annual Miracles Breakfast honoring addiction professionals at the lovely Olympic Club in San Francisco. Professionals from all over California, and mainly the Bay Area, came together to honor the 2016 tribute award recipients. CHI Recovery was […]