what's wrong with rehab

What’s Wrong with Rehab: 5 Pitfalls to Avoid

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Addiction Rehabs are clearly in need of complete overhaul. Here’s a look at 5 pitfalls on what’s wrong with Rehab and how they often fail to effectively treat addicts. By Shannon Zastrow and published originally on www.theclearingnw.com It’s no secret that the addiction rehab space is riddled with problems: “Counselors with little education and less oversight are using outdated and […]

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Establishing Measurement Standards for Assessing Cognitive Function

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The importance of establishing standards for assessing cognitive function in addiction treatment In this video, Dr. Tonmoy Sharma and Dr. Judith Ho discuss the importance of establishing standards for the assessing cognitive function as part of addiction treatment. Understanding the effects of addiction on cognitive function is a key to changing behavior in those affected. For decades we […]


Is Heroin A “Poor Man’s” Drug?

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(Originally published on The Dunes East Hampton Blog ) Heroin has often been considered a “poor man’s” drug. Back in the 1960s and 70s, heroin users were mostly from poor, inner city areas. The majority of users were male, and many were in a minority group. Heroin was also a “dirty drug” because it was injected […]



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How Holistic, Integrative Healthcare Treatment Can Effectively Treat Addiction “12 Step programs are very popular, but if you’re looking for figures and randomized trials and scientifically rigorous studies of how they work and for how many people they work ‒ you will not find those studies. You will find anecdotal evidence ‒ for people that […]


Interview with Robin Stuart by Dr. Foojan Zeine on Addiction Treatment

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Watch the Interview Robin Stuart, Executive Director of CHI Recovery, about Evidence-Based Substance Abuse (SA) Treatment Robin Stuart was recently interviewed by Dr. Foojan Zeine, International Speaker, Author, Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor and a successful Life and Executive Coach. Zeine is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in the state of California, with an expertise in […]


Substance Abuse Guide for College Students

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Recognizing, Understanding and Combatting Alcohol & Drug Abuse on Campus – A handy guide to recognizing abuse and where to find help. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, about four out of five college students drink alcohol. Though drinking has long been the most common form of substance abuse in college, […]


Introducing The Center for Intelligent Recovery

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The Center for Intelligent Recovery and Kickflip The Center for Intelligent Recovery and CHI Recovery, Inc. have recently teamed up to create a new and innovative program to help schools kids who may be at risk with drugs, learn about addiction, prevention and health.  KickFlip is an innovative pilot program designed to intervene with middle and high school […]


46 Americans Die Each Day From Painkiller ODs, says AARP

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46 Americans Die Each Day From Painkiller ODs. Deaths for ages 55-64 rise 700% AARP Bulletin/September 2015 According to a recent article in the AARP Bulletin, Health experts are warning of a growing epidemic of addiction and overdose related to opioid prescription pain meds (morphine, oxycodone and hydrocodone are the most common). “Every day, 46 Americans die […]


A History Lesson on Addiction Care

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Not all substance abuse treatment is alike. Robin Stuart, Executive Director of CHI Recovery, Inc. spells out the difference with a lesson in history. The addiction treatment system in America is a broken and ineffective. The standardized treatment of addiction through rehabs, 12-Step programs, or a combination of the two yields only a 20 percent, […]