Treatment for Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health in an Outpatient Structure.

Intensive Outpatient Programs Offered:

  1. CORE Program for Substance Use Disorder (A State Certified program for detox, PHP and IOP for SUD)
  2. Customized, Personalized Program for Complex Mental Health Concerns


What a week looks like:

CORE PROGRAMMING may take place in our Day Program, or our Night Program. 

The Day Program:

Programming is scheduled around your needs as much as possible, allowing you to continue to work, attend school, or pursue other interests. There are mandatory hours when you must be here, on-site, and you will have obligations to your program outside of those fixed hours as well.  Generally, Daytime Participants are here at the Center on Mondays and Wednesdays, from noonish – 5:30, and on Tuesdays from 12:00 – 4:00. You may be participating with others, or be completely alone in your track.  Since ours is a highly customized program people are only put together when similarities exist.

Evening Programming:


We can schedule night programming for most services except the classes, which are required for SUD IOP insurance coverage.  If you are paying out of pocket for a Mental Health Program or for SUD treatment, but not using IOP insurance coverage, then an Evening Program is possible for you.

Outside Activities are on your own unique schedule:

The following activities allow you to develop healthy relationships with members of your community, foster a positive self-image, improve your health and stay busy while having some fun! All of these activities will greatly assist you on your path to recovery.


If you are not employed or in school full-time, and are not a custodial parent of young children at home, then you will likely participate in  a 20-hour per week volunteer regimen. The location is made by you, with your Case Manager’s help.  Volunteering builds skills, contributes to others and adds value to your esteem. All opportunities are elected to enhance your skill set, increase your marketability as an employee, increase your personal knowledge base, and optimize your self-worth. (If you are a parent or have conflicting employment, then your Program Manager may elect to reduce this commitment to accommodate your needs.) After the first month, if you are performing to task at your volunteer placement, you will be able to substitute hours for school or paid employment.

Twelve-Step Meetings and/or Spiritual Development Work

During your first 30 days you will either attend 20spiritually-developing classes, such as Tai Chi or Yoga, or you will participate in daily Twelve-Step Meetings. Every month thereafter you will continue to remain active in spiritual development, usually a minimum of 20 hours per month. We ask that all participants have a Sponsor and a weekly home meeting.

Working Out, Eating Healthy and Staying Strong

Nutritional and physical health are major parts of treating and maintaining control over your disease. Nutritional classes and medical grade supplements are given. A gym membership is also included in the cost of your program and you are expected to use it 3 times per week, throughout your entire program. The gym offers weights, a Far-Infrared sauna, and a full schedule of classes to choose from!

Medically Supervised (outpatient) Detoxification and Acupuncture Organ Support (SUD Program)evidence-based-no-pools-no-ponies-acupuncture-holistic-treatment

We will schedule your first week of programming with all of your providers, including the acupuncture sessions and medical appointments where complete health exams will occur. If you are in process of detoxing, we will keep your schedule very light.  Our Medical personnel (An M.D. and a N.P.)  will see you personally for medical management of all physical care needs and medications to assist with your mental health and sleep needs. S/he will also provide you with support for Detox, making the withdrawal lesspainful and more manageable. Our acupuncturist provides very valuable pain management support during this process and throughout your first few months with us, helping to restore and re balance your natural systems.

Managing Appointments

After your first week with us, you will schedule your own appointments directly with your CORE Providers: Individual Therapist, Case Manager, Acupuncturist and Physician. This gives you added control over your schedule–just be aware that all of these sessions occur during regular business hours and you may see some practitioners more than once a week.

Residential Support


Photo Credit: Joseph Gonzalez

Our Sober Living Environments (SLE) associates are independently owned and operated, and hold their own household meetings  that you will add to your schedule, along with other added social events they provide. Every SLE is completely independent of CHI Recovery, conducting their own interview and acceptance process, however we do have established relationships that add value to your application. SLEs’ have their own associated costs, schedules and rules. We can assist you in securing a placement in the better homes in our area, as we have strong relationships with these houses and management teams.

An Overview of Your Program

When you combine your CORE therapy appointments with the interactive programming, volunteer hours, school, work  and social life, your schedule can feel a little overwhelming at first, but actually it becomes quite manageable. If you feel either over- or under-whelmed, talk to us immediately!  Of course, we’re here to assist you in any way that we can!

We want to see you.  Show us who you really are… we will not shame you.

No pools.  No ponies.

While pools and ponies are nice, they are not necessary for recovery. Evidence-based treatment means treatment demonstrated in research studies to actually work–and that is what CHI Recovery offers.


OFFERING INTENSIVE OUTPATIENT PROGRAMS – Evidence Based no pools no ponies !

“At CHI Recovery we really do believe it’s what’s on the inside that counts.”

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