Integrative Holistic Healthcare Treatment Programs-laughing-femaleDue to cutbacks and insurance de-regulations for substance abuse & mental healthcare treatment, CHI Recovery has closed it’s doors.

But services are still available!

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Robin Stuart, the Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who designed, founded and served as CHI Recovery’s Clinical Care Director for six years, is now a Consultant acting in behalf of those individuals and families suffering under the burden of Substance Use Disorder (SUD), Dual Diagnosis and other mental health care conditions.

Through Dynamic Life Counseling and Consulting Services, Robin brings a wealth and breadth of knowledge to her areas of expertise, providing you with superior clinical evaluation, assessment, forensic diagnosis, treatment plan development, and when possible, referral to specialists who are accustomed to working collaboratively with other superior providers.


Many people seek this service because they are baffled by the inconsistencies of recommendations or internet advise concerning best treatments and practices for recovery and mental health, and are astounded by the costs for treatment and mental health care, unsure where to best utilize their  resources.  It is hard to place your faith in an unknown provider or care team, or to spend a fortune on faith.

Robin’s expertise helps to identify treatment needs, quickly moving clients towards appropriate treatment and care. She works with individuals and their families who are experiencing any number of behavioral health concerns, including:

–Substance Abuse & Addictions
–Mood, Anxiety, Sleep and Behavioral Disorders
–Trauma-Related Disorders

–Eating and Self-Harm Disorders
–Dual-Diagnosis/Mental Health Issues
–Compulsion Disorders

For local clients, Robin may make referrals to highly competent mental health & physical healthcare professionals for the level of care best suited to your needs. Robin will strive to support you wherever you are, in the process of recovery, customizing service recommendations to meet your unique needs and circumstances. You will receive fact-based, educational and scientifically-proven information about your condition, helping you  to better understand the nature of your struggles and therefore be more successful in your responses.

Robin is extremely holistic in her approach to treatment, using medications sparingly and in combination with holistic and alternative therapies.  You may be introduced to acupuncture, holistic medicine, nutritional evaluation and supplements, individual, relational and group psychotherapies, functional medicine and functional psychiatric evaluation, community reinforcement approaches, biofeedback, EMDR, specialized coaching, Sober Living Environments (SLE), Addiction and Other Drugs (AOD) Counselors, and more.



Clinical Care Evaluation

The cost for a Clinical Care Evaluation, which includes Clinical Care Consulting, Early Assessment, Treatment Planning and Referral begins at $1,000.  This includes a 2-hour live consultancy and education session, general history review, co-collaboration with a family member, and a written report with treatment recommendations, referrals, and a proposed schedule of care.  Your treatment plan will be shared with all of the providers you wish Robin to release it to, with signed authorizations.

Comprehensive History Report

Completing the Comprehensive History Report is also advised, and costs $250 more.  This over 20 page report addresses a full inventory of your mental health history and socio-economic and relationship orientation.  The report is sent to all providers yu release it to, and becomes a valuable asset in their treatment and care plans for you.  It saves many hours in the therapists office, saving you hundreds of dollars in treatment time, and allows the treatment team you work with the ability to all be on the same page “out the gate” when you begin care with them.

Robin has a fantastic network of solidly skilled, highly competent professionals she can connect you to.  But even better, she can help you hone in on your most essential clinical needs, based on your own presentation and personal wishes, and will help you select the essential caregivers for your budget, making the best use of your resources.



Robin will provide on or off site interventions for the daily rate of $2000 plus expenses.  Her assistant is billed at $1000 per day, when a second person is required.

Robin’s Credentials and CHI Recovery

Robin Stuart developed one of the the most clinically successful treatment programs in the nation, CHI Recovery.  This program was so impressive that the acclaimed UCSF addiction researcher, Dr. James Sorenson, conducted a study of it, and verified the comprehensiveness of its services.  Tracking of clients indicated an 80% sober success rate over two years!  This level of success is almost unheard of…and for good reason…

Substance Use Disorder (SUD) is a complex physiological, mental health, and trauma induced disorder, involving complex neurotransmitters, genetic coding, nutritional deficiencies and more.  Treatment must be comprehensive, interwoven, customized to the individual, holistically integrative and intelligent.

Unfortunately,  President Trump’s  de-funding of Substance Abuse Disorder (SUD) treatment and other disabling acts involving insurance compensations, led to this remarkable program’s closure.  But the expertise behind the organization was all originated from Robin.  You can still receive the benefits of her knowledge through her other services.

Understanding the Science of SUD

– Scientifically Evidenced Care—proven treatment methods showing 70-80% sustained sobriety after one year
– State-of-the-Art Treatment—protocols unified across disciplines and in accordance with research based recommendations
– Community Reinforcement Emphasis—connecting clients to  positive environments, socially and through volunteerism, job training, and age appropriate 12-step communities

Learn more about Holistic Evidence Based Addiction Treatment at:

Most of these services are partially reimbursable according to the terms of your insurance provider for out-of-network LMFTs. 

 Mental Healthcare funding may also be provided.  ROBIN DOES NOT ACCEPT MEDI-CAL OR TRICARE.



Holistic Integrative Healthcare

Scientifically-Evidenced Treatment

Healthy Recovery: It’s Not Rocket Science…It’s health science.

Holistic Integrative Healthcare

Addiction is a disease—a physiological disorder with psychological effects. Treatments to effectively correct or combat this disease must address this physical reality. And despite the sales pitch on repeated relapses and “slips”–which are a part of the disease but do not have to be so frequent or the reality for most people–because we do have an effective, scientifically proven way to treat addiction disorder that works: It’s called Holistic Integrative Healthcare.

One Size Does NOT fit all!   You design your treatment program, choosing from fact based education, pain management acupuncture support, medical grade and customized nutritional and amino acid herbal supplements, group therapies, individual psychotherapy and other supportive services.  In an integrative, holistic healthcare treatment system, all services are evidence-based, lasting anywhere from 1-12 months, or even longer.  You will benefit from integrative therapies and holistic treatments, provided to you exclusively by a team of experienced and highly qualified providers. We also treat many mental health conditions without Substance Abuse Disorder, upon request.

CHI Recovery was studied by the renowned addiction researcher Dr. James Sorensen, professor in residence in the UCSF Department of Psychiatry, as well as a clinical psychologist on the medical staff at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, where he is the leader of the Public Service and Minority Cluster of the Clinical Psychology Training Program. He is a faculty mentor in the UCSF Center for AIDS Prevention Studies (CAPS) Visiting Professor program and leads the NIDA-funded Drug Abuse Treatment and Services Research Postdoctoral Training Programand Dr. Jasmin Llamas, Assistant Professor, Counseling Psychology at Santa Clara University. Dr Llamas concluded that we delivered well beyond what we promised in treatments of holistic, collaborative care. We have agreed to continue to chart our successes in the future, since early outcomes are remarkable.

Download the Sorensen/Llamas Study HERE!

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Integrative Holistic Healthcare Treatment Programs celebrationThe development of a meaningful, contributing and reflective lifestyle are foundations for your experience while with us at CHI Recovery. You can learn to live a healthy and sustainable life while living in the real world, and while facing real life challenges.

You can select Adult SUD Program, Youth Programs, Mental Health Restoration Programs (with no addiction issues),  Customized Programs and Interventions. All of our therapeutic treatment programs last minimally one month, however may last as long as is desired or is clinically advised.


Partnering with the best Sober Living Environments (SLEs) in West Sonoma County — we will assist you in securing a safe, reputable and supportive home where you can live throughout the duration of your program with us. This option is not required, in most situations but is a wonderful addition to your recovery plan.  These homes are independently owned and operated.

Chi Recovery’s offices are located in the small town of Sebastopol and many services are provided in the city of Santa Rosa. We are in the County of Sonoma, in northern California.

(Note: Residential expenses are NOT included in the CORE Program estimates provided on this site, and CHI Recovery does not own, manage or otherwise engage in the operations of these homes).

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