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Dedicated to Lifelong Recovery – Dedicated to Life.

Conscious Healing Innovations FamilyUnlike other treatment programs which focus almost entirely on the elements and effects of addiction, our program focuses the vast majority of our attention on who you are without addiction. That’s because each person on our Provider Team is not as interested in your past behaviors as they are in your core capacity as a human being. We want to discover who you really are. Is your inherent nature capable of joy, tenderness, compassion, artistic and soulful expression, deep wisdom, meaningful contribution? That is who we are interested in knowing… and who we will help you discover within yourself. We get that you are not the drugs or sex, food or chemicals, alcohol or other dysfunctional solutions you have used to survive or to just get by. The truth is, finding out who you really are is the journey and the joy that keeps us all inspired. Get ready for a whole different kind of turn-on! Join our conscious healing innovations family!

Continuation of Care


Even so, sometimes we find that those addicted genes and spaghetti brain come back to haunt. And when they do, it’s time to call us: We all need help occasionally to remember the great stuff. CHI considers you family and that’s why, when you leave us, we don’t close the door on you. Once you have been through our program you can return for any “tune-ups” you might need… forever! You just pay for the services you need—not another entire program, (plus a small administrative fee*).

Junior Graduates (those completing our 3-Month Program) may be granted the right to take up to TWO THERAPIES as a graduate.

Senior Graduates (those completing our 6-Month Program) may choose among ANY of our services, to continue on their road to a lifetime of health, happiness and sobriety.

So, if you feel yourself slipping —pick up the phone, reach out, and come back. We are your Conscious Healing Innovations Family, and we’re here and we’ll help.

Graduates also enjoy special rates on Therapy Group!

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