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We understand that your situation and needs are unique. No one treatment plan fits all. So your program option should be tailored to your individual experience and designed just for you or your loved on. Our experienced admission coordinators will help you find the best program option. CHI offers Evidence-based, Holistic Addiction Treatment in Sonoma County, California.

Our experienced admissions coordinators path-thru-redwoodswill help you select a one-of-a-kind, tailor-made treatment plan specifically designed for you or your loved one.

All it takes are these first TWO STEPS…

FIRST: Please read this website. This will help you decide if this program is for you or for the person you are representing.

When you have the read all of the information from our website, please make a list of your most burning questions. Your time is important – don’t waste it! By preparing your questions in advance and by making sure that you are able to pre-pay for the services for your Addiction Treatment Program in Sonoma County.

                   SECOND: Call us@ 707-812-7772. 

Be Prepared! HERE’S WHAT YOU WILL BE ASKED sonoma-county-oak-field-recoveryDURING YOUR FIRST CALL:

Your name, email address, phone number, and relationship to the applicant.

Can you or your family AFFORD TO PAY UP FRONT for this program?

Are you in an emergency situation; are they ready to enter a program this week?

Age, sex, and current living circumstances.

Desire to live in a healthy way – Are you motivated by court, pending legal cases, family?  Or are you sincere in YOUR OWN desire to get clean?

Will you be able to live in the region or access the program locally?  NOTE: Many people commute here from up to 3 hours away.

Can you drive?  Do you have a car and current license or will you need to use the transit system?

Do you have any dual diagnosis? Are you on any prescription medications?

Do you have any medical or pain management issues?

What substances do you use? What other addictions do you have?

Do you have a history of violence?

What are your current obligations: employment, children, marriage, business, social, parental care, etc.

Do you have the support of the people closest to you to do this program?

If you are ready to enter a program immediately (within the next 24-48 hours), you will be routed to a live Intake Coordinator. If you are not ready to enter that day, we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

Your Sonoma County Holistic Addiction Treatment Program will take place in beautiful West Sonoma County, in the vibrant towns of Sebastopol (known as the “Little Apple”) and Santa Rosa, right next-door to the majestic ancient growth redwoods, the Pacific coastline town of Bodega Bay, Petaluma ranch lands, and charming Healdsburg… and you are only an hour’s drive to San Francisco, arguably the best little city in the world!

Need help with treatment costsSonoma County Holistic Addiction Treatment Program financing

  1. Use our Provider Number – 008233