Evidence-based Health Care

Medical and Healthcare Treatment Programs

There is a problem in America that until recently has gone unobserved and unchecked. The problem is with addiction treatment: It hasn’t been working and now addiction disorders are literally epidemic in the United States. But scientifically Evidence-Based treatment is showing remarkable success rates closer to 80% sustained recovery after a year. So let’s look closer at what this means.

What is Scientifically Evidence-Based Treatment?

Evidence–Based care is medical or healthcare treatment which has been demonstrated by scientific evidence to achieve success in the treatment of what it is intending to treat. Scientifically evidenced care has been tested, and proven to work—through the use of standards applied to empirical evidence. These treatments are not based on conjecture, cost, rumor, or habit, and are not dictated by what “the competitor” offers. In making informed choices about healthcare, people increasingly seek credible evidence.

CASAColumbia not only identified the problems in standardized addiction treatment, but they spelled out the solutions we must implement to achieve recovery successes.

CHI Recovery exceeds every standard they have set. 

Please go to the Treatment Solution to read more about what these recommendations and milestones are.