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It is important to understand that addiction is a disorder which is tough enough to treat on its own. And, unfortunately is often accompanied by more serious physical and/or mental health conditions requiring care. This reality makes it impossible to anticipate the needs of each individual entering treatment, which is why customized programming is essential if treatment will work. We understand that it’s often difficult to afford treatment programs and that the revolving door of Rehab’s have cost people thousands of dollars, often without success. That’s one reason we’ve worked had to offer the best price-point in the industry. Plus, we’ve partnered with Prosper Healthcare Lending so that you can finance your addiction recovery (if you qualify). It’s easy to finance addiction recovery! Just use the handy link below and copy and paste our Provider number when you’re at the “Find your provider” page. You’ll get a quick response.

(NOTE: When you inquire into CHI Recovery’s Program Options, you’ll receive our INQUIRY PACKET and the price sheet and you’ll see all disclosures).

All program options reflect CORE Pricing; when clients present with more acute conditions you may need to consider Add-On customized services and longer-term programs which are sculpted to meet the demands of the individual’s unique conditions, and are priced accordingly. Whatever you decide, you will always maintain control over the costs for your services, however our team reserves the right to make recommendations for those services we feel are indicated for best outcome success.

We do not accept clients with more pronounced mental health, dual diagnosis conditions into our 30-day program. This is because our 30-day program does not offer the therapeutic services required for ethical treatment of complex disorders.

Finance Addiction Recovery

finance addiction recoveryThese financing options are available for CHI Recovery addiction treatment programs to ensure that as many people as possible can achieve a healthier lifestyle and regain control of their lives. This service is provided by Prosper HealthCare Lending as a convenience to our prospective clients. It’s easy, usually taking less than 10 minutes to fill out an online application.

Finance Your Addiction Recovery Now!

Follow these Easy Steps

1. Submit your application online

2. Receive the decision

3. Call CHI Recovery and let us know your loan amount

4. Start your Treatment Program!

Our Provider Number is 008233. You will need this for the application

rinance addiction recovery with prosper

Here are some of the benefits you’ll receive with a loan from Prosper HealthCare Lending:

· Immediate decisions for loans under $35,000
· Term options out to 84 months  (affordable monthly payments)
· No collateral  required
· No prepayment penalties
· Fast & easy application process
· 100% Confidential

Links to other Financing options:

NOTE: CHI Recovery is in no way, associated with any financing entity, nor does it recommend one over another. Our link to Prosper Healthcare Lending is available only as a way to better serve our prospective clients who need to finance addiction recovery and should not be taken as an endorsement.