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If you are coming from some distance, or you need the added support provided by a Sober Living Environment (SLE, aka Sober Shared Housing), with excellent management, we can help! We have affiliated with the very best SLEs in the Santa Rosa CA. You will not be disappointed with their cleanliness and aesthetics.  Additionally, there are several other options for housing here in Sonoma County, since we are a tourist community. Many rent a room with roommates, stay at an Airbnb (vacation rental), or even live in a cooperative. Some have even camped! If you prefer to stay with SUPPORTIVE family, that works too. Ours is an outpatient program– you will have the freedom to live as you choose.

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Living without a car is challenging and the practice of taking the bus is real. But it is do-able. A bus runs from Santa Rosa’s Downtown Hub to our CHI Recovery offices and takes 18 minutes. You have to add on the time it takes to get from your SLE to the Hub. It is a practice in patience and a great reminder of what you want to do differently so that you have the privilege of driving your own car again! Use the time to journal, meditate and reflect. If you do have a vehicle (car, scooter, cycle) you can give a ride to others and make some pocket change. Sonoma County is full of bike trails, including one that connects the downtown of Santa Rosa directly to our building!  Many people have preferred riding to and from their destinations, improving their health along the way.

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So whether you live in nearby SLE housing or one of the many other options, you’ll find that getting around Sonoma County is not only do-able, but can also be enjoyable!

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