Insurance Coverage for CHI Recovery Programs


Financial concerns are very important for many people who are ready for addiction treatment. Many people delay or avoid treatment because they fear that they can’t afford it when, in fact, it is often covered by their health insurance policy. Others fear even asking if their insurance plan covers addiction treatment because they are concerned that if their employer learns about their problem, their job may be in jeopardy. With all of the confusion surrounding many insurance plans, as well as the impending changes being put forth by the federal government, it’s no wonder the relationship between insurance and treatment is still so troublesome.

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Most modern insurance plans cover some or all of the costs associated with treatment. Obviously some programs are more involved than others, and a few, like CHI Recovery use therapies that are scientifically-evidenced, but that insurance companies are still reluctant to cover, but over the last decade or so, health insurance companies have increased their coverage of addiction treatment. These are businesses, however, and these increases in coverage are not offered out of the goodness of their hearts but for the following reasons:

  • They are required to by law for the coverage mandates associated with the Affordable Health Care Act (aka “Obamacare”)
  • They realize that covering treatment is much less expensive than many of the results of untreated addiction
  • They are competing for your (or your company’s) health care budget
  • Data confirms that sober workers and citizens are far more productive than addicts

The simple truth is that covering addiction treatment is a great value for employers and the insurance companies that serve them.

Although CHI’s daily (per-diem) rates are priced far below many Rehabs, we understand that many will want us to bill their insurance. We’re happy say that insurance coverage plans may cover some of the costs of addiction treatment!

Each person is different, and our admissions coordinators will ask questions to determine what needs to be considered in that person’s treatment process. The cost of treatment may vary based on a number of factors, such as:

  • The individual’s clinical diagnosis
  • Insurance coverage, affordability
  • Insurance location

Our assessments are confidential, and we can help you find out what treatment options are available to you.

Once you have decided that CHI Recovery is your choice to get healthy, and you have scheduled an Intake, we’ll get all the pertinent information that your Insurance company requires in order to Pre-Authorize your program.

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As an out-of-network provider, the CHI Team specializes in maximizing reimbursement from your insurance provider to minimize your out of pocket expense. Though insurance companies will not disclose what they will pay to out of network providers in advance, we will work directly with your carrier to help alleviate the out-of-pocket cost of treatment. NOTE: Your benefits with your insurance company may not cover our full cost for treatment. Contact us for more information on insurance coverage for addiction treatment.

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