Therapeutic Interventions… the Respectful Way

It is hard to kick substances and to sustain sobriety—and terrifying for many to face the emotional, lifestyle and relational problems waiting for them once sober. But few come into treatment “wanting to be clean”.  Life without substances can seem unbearable to many and so committing to total abstinence is overwhelming. 

Robin can help you with this conundrum in two ways:

  1. Therapeutically leading your loved on to the choice of reaching for a life that feels safe and fulfilling, (which is really the first commitment people are ready to make on their road to recovery)
  2. Helping those with influence help their loved be and stay clean without being enabling and codependent!

Robin’s Therapeutic Method – Families showing up with love and compassion.


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Under the scenario “Therapeutic Intervention”, one therapist(s) and usually an assistant, will either schedule an extended Family Therapy Session (2-6 hours) or a series of sessions in a professional office, when the family lives locally.

When the family lives some distance from our locale, then an “off-site” intervention may be scheduled. These are recommended to occur over two days. The first day is spent with the family over 2-4 hours, helping them understand the disease of addiction and the patterns of behavior associated with substance abuse from a physiological and mental health perspective. We take a comprehensive history of the loved one, collect the families’ knowledge of their loved one’s mental, spiritual and physical health condition and patterns of use with substances, being sure to emphasize mental health and pain management diagnoses and needs.

We help family members work through their anger, sadness, frustration and denial along with other strong feelings, including resentments and codependent behaviors that may make the intervention less successful. Families are coached on how to respectfully represent their feelings, needs and boundaries (limitations) with their loved one the following day. During the first day, our goal is to better prepare the family for the actual time of discussion with their loved one. The second day is the Intervention Day with the loved one present, and usually lasts 3-5 hours.

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Recommended Reading: beyond-addiction-book therapeutic intervention programs

There are two wonderful books we recommend that you read to better understand our orientation and perspectives on therapeutic intervention programs:

Beyond Addiction: How Science and Kindness Help People Change, by Jeffrey Foote and Carrie Wilkens

The Anatomy of Peace, Resolving the Heart of Conflict, by The Arbinger Instituteanatomy-of-peace therapeutic intervention programs


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