A History Lesson on Addiction Care

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Not all substance abuse treatment is alike. Robin Stuart, Executive Director of CHI Recovery, Inc. spells out the difference with a lesson in history. The addiction treatment system in America is a broken and ineffective. The standardized treatment of addiction through rehabs, 12-Step programs, or a combination of the two yields only a 20 percent, […]


The Addiction Treatment Problem in the United States

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History Lesson There is a problem in America that until recently Addiction Treatment has gone unobserved and unchecked. The problem is with addiction treatment as a whole, and the status quo: It hasn’t been working and now addiction disorders are literally epidemic in the United States. CASAColumbia, one of the world’s most reputable addiction research […]


Are There Really National Standards for the Treatment of Addiction?

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NATIONAL STANDARDS Here’s a look at what we mean by Evidence-Based Treatment Standards Although there are no enforceable National Standards requiring agency or provider compliance, there are numerous theorists, research and policy leaders who are shaping the dialogue. These agencies and individuals are developing new recommendations for care and are disseminating reliable research results. Unfortunately, it […]