Substance Use Treatment Track with LGBTQI Needs in Mind

LGBTQI Integrative Addiction Treatment gay lesbian trans addict
LGBTQI Integrative Addiction Treatment colorful flowerLGBTQI Integrative Addiction Treatment for Individuals who struggle with alcoholism or other substance abuse or addiction.

LGBTQI Integrative Addiction Treatment rarely comes up in an Internet search. Marginalized again! Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Gender Fluid and other individuals struggle at much higher rates with alcoholism and/or drug addiction. So often, people in the Queer Community self-medicate as a response to oppressive cultural messaging. Healing those wounds allows an individual to transcend negative stigma and thrive with a new self-awareness.

Thousands seek treatment every month, begging for affordable and effective programs for a disease that continues to rob millions of relationships, health and futures.

Our health care program inspires a truly deep and personal experience
helping clients regain their vision of success and a greater quality of life.

Your unique perspective and challenges are not cookie-cutter. Our team of caring professionals, many LGBT themselves, work with you in partnership to achieve the aspirations you set for yourself.

– Instill new responses to external stressors and habitual patterns.

-Provide alternative solutions through education, reframing and experiential interventions.

-Be mentored and inspired by members of the LGBTQI community who are now helping others like you find inner peace and deep joy.

We get it! 

And we welcome you!   Robin is lesbian and she has several Queer, “out and proud” staff to serve your unique needs without judgement or ignorance. Since our inception, CHI Recovery has always offered LGBTQI integrative addiction treatment to our “family”.  We know that your safety in any treatment environment is essential.

Robin and her associates are here for you.
Contact us anytime by completing our confidential contact form or call us at 1-707-812-7772.

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