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Robin Stuart, Executive Director of CHI Recovery is interviewed  by Dr. Foojan Zeini on her YouTube channel called “My New Life.” My New Life explores all aspects of addiction and offers Information from experts from all over the world

Some of the talking points include:

  • New information on the model that CHI Recovery uses to treat the disease of addiction
  • It’s physiological in nature, not just psychological. Breakdown in the communication system between the neurology and the brain and the Amygdala specifically, as well as nutritional needs of the addict. This applies to all addicts, including gaming addictions, sex addiction, etc.
  • Trauma plays a large part in whether or not a person develops addiction. Research demonstrates that there is a 7% greater chance of becoming an addict if there is a genetic predisposition and adverse childhood experiences (i.e.: Trauma), present.
  • Robin introduces the evidence-based treatment concept developed at Columbia University’s National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA). They studied addiction treatment for five years and found that treatment was generally not successful in the majority of treatment centers. As a result CASA created a groundbreaking concept of treatment based on 13 essential components that they could show actually treated addicts successfully.

Listen to the interview and learn more about those 13 essential components that CASAColumbia developed to effectively treat addiction. More CHI Recovery in the Media…

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