CHI Recovery’s Vision and Values

LGBTQ - Integrative Addiction Treatment


We are determined to dramatically alter the effectiveness of addiction treatment, reforming care so that treatment provides the optimal chance at sustainable, long-term recovery and total health. It is our mission, vision, values that we act in cooperation with other professionals in the delivery of comprehensive, interdisciplinary treatment, emphasizing:

  • unprecedented support for our participants
  • comprehensive mental healthcare
  • total physical healthcare and core strengthening
  • skill enhancement opportunities


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  • leadership motivation and training
  • educational and work life encouragement
  • extended care including family education and treatment, psychiatrist, child psychologist, pain management, the treatment of dual diagnosis, youth and outpatient programs, and auxiliary behavioral healthcare support services for complicated disorders, and more
  • effective provider team interfacing using shared protocols and communication tools
  • community reinforcement practices

Celebrating Diversity

Our values support not only the acceptance of, but the celebration of diversity within our world, expressed culturally, politically, spiritually, sexually, genetically and in the openness found in our own hearts and minds.

All persons served by CHI Recovery have the right to be treated with respect and dignity at all times as we are committed to supporting and protecting all of the fundamental human, civil, constitutional, and statutory rights of every individual.


Cultural diversity has primarily been associated with race and ethnicity, but diversity is taking on a broader meaning to include the sociocultural experiences of people of different genders, social classes, religious and spiritual beliefs, sexual orientations, ages, and physical and mental abilities. CHI Recovery, maintains respect for all individuals and utilize a service system that emphasizes personal dignity, partnership, collaboration, trust, confidentiality, and above all else, compassion.


Finding the light inside.

Evidence Based Services: We provide services proven to be effective by independent research studies and assert evidence-based practice standards within the treatment industry. We exceed the “Essential Components” of  evidence-based treatment as asserted by the emerging national standards from The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, CASAColumbia.

Source: “ADDICTION MEDICINE: Closing the Gap Between Science and Practice;” June, 2012.

Holistic, Integrative and Collaborative: We collaborate treatment planning and delivery, drawing from traditional and alternative specialties, using multiple modalities unified under shared collaborative treatment plans.

Compassionate, Strength-Based Engagement: We work diligently to draw from our participants their best, most authentic selves, reminding them of the strengths and wisdom they possess.

Transparency: We act openly and truthfully in everything we do.

Respectful Partnership: We recognize that each person holds their own history and perspectives and should be encouraged to advocate for themselves in the services they receive; we partner with our participants to provide treatment that meets them where they are at that moment.

Diversity in Community: We work to respect and understand the cultures and communities we serve, and honor the differences between us.

Innovation: We seek to encourage innovations and improvements in treatments for mental health and substance abuse concerns, and stay abreast of emerging research, adopting policies and practices which are always state-of-the-art.

Affordability: We offer the highest quality of collaborative heath care for the lowest price possible, and that we will continue to work for eventual access for all, resisting greed or corruption from leadership or stakeholders.

Environmental Protection: We practice Green business strategies for reducing waste and caring for our environment.

Leadership/Organizational Memberships:

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