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CHI Recovery is treating addiction with health science. Sure, our industry peers, (Hazelton, Betty Ford, Sierra Tucson,) are doing bang-up jobs. In fact, these are some of the best treatment centers in the world. That’s because they understand what we do—you cannot just treat addiction as if other issues are not present. Addiction frequently has roots in genetics, leading to a faulty neurological communication system which affects nutritional absorption, brain and reasoning activity, the regulation of our primary mood controlling biochemical “cocktails”, and other regulatory systems. This disease is also usually accompanied by additional mental health dual diagnosis or physical health “co-occurring conditions” including the more common problems of sleep deprivation or disruption, depression and anxiety disorders. Often, trauma has also been a significant part of the sufferer’s history, who may still find themselves in destructive patterns and relationships. All of these challenging conditions require medically and psychologically-advised, effective care which studies consistently illustrate must include holistic, integrative and informed professional level coordinated care and interventions.

No one needs pony rides, big fancy facilities with acreage and ocean views, or poolside lounges with sushi and smoothie bars in order to get and stay clean. Sometimes these things may further enforce the immature and entitled thought processes contributing to “faulty thinking”. Therefore, CHI Recovery does not include equestrian therapy, a yoga studio, or daily massages.  Instead, we provide the main principles of effective treatment, providing nutritional counseling, acupuncture, a gym membership, medical evaluation and treatment and intensive psychotherapy. That’s why we say: “evidenced-based – no pools, no ponies!” If you want to have equestrian therapy, massages and private yoga classes you can get them, but as “Add-On services”; we just don’t think that everyone should have to pay for them or that they should be considered essential.

It isn’t Rocket Science–It’s Health Science.


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General Information

  1. All CORE Programs may be customized. Youth and Mental Health applicants, (with or without addiction,) may benefit from a customized program created through collaboration with participants and their families. You will work together with the treatment team to shape meaningful treatment solutions which address the unique needs of your loved one.
  2. We treat most physical, behavioral and mental health conditions holistically and simultaneously, while also treating the substance abuse or addiction disorder; using Eastern and Western medicine we also address additional co-occurring physical conditions and pain management.
  3. While CHI encourages participation in the Twelve Steps, we provide alternative group milieu experiences for those who have not found these traditional meetings helpful. Participants will be participating in extensive classes and group therapies in addition to electing their own daily spiritual practices chosen through heartfelt alliance with those philosophies. Individuals will benefit from Cognitive Behavioral and Transpersonal Psychology interpretations of the Twelve Steps. We still encourage sponsors and daily spiritual meetings to be a part of participants lives.
  4. Our Intensive Outpatient Program model is different than other IOPs. Traditional IOPs are designed as on-site, one location, all day lectures with back-to-back Twelve Step meetings. The only difference between these “day programs” mirroring residential rehabs is that you don’t sleep onsite. Our program is conducted in the real world; sessions are held at various professional’s office locations. Residential clients may live in Sober Living Environments (SLEs) or may live independently. This allows the participant to learn to be successful in life, not in a box tucked away from society.


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  5. Hold a job, go to school, hang out in nature, contribute to society, get over yourself!  These are all part of the CHI Experience, called the Community Reinforcement Approach. After detox, clients  immerse themselves in contributory activities such as volunteering and service projects which encourage self-discipline and self-esteem building while developing a balanced work ethic. These events build emotional-social skill sets;
  6. Case managers will engage with clients who have completed their programs for an additional six months after they have left, assisting with long-term sobriety while providing follow-up support.
  7. Lifelong membership for as long as CHI Recovery exists. Participants who have completed Part 1 and 2 of the CORE Program, never pay an enrollment fee again for additional services needed. Those graduates may come back and only pay the published services rates for continuation of care whenever they wish to return to treatment.
  8. Programs can last as long as you need them to. Everyone’s needs are different. Your treatment plan will be determined by you in combination with your chosen family member(s) and/or the treatment team.
  9. CHI’s prices are lower than any other company offering comprehensive evidence-based drug addiction treatment.

 CHI Recovery’s History

CHI Recovery launched in 2012, in Sebastopol, Sonoma County, California. Services reflect the highest standard and not only adhere to but exceed the 14 recommended guidelines known as “The Essential Components of Evidenced-Based Care” that were defined by The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (aka CASAColumbia), at Columbia University. CHI Recovery began treating addiction with health science before almost any other company. Our program is delivered by licensed individual practitioners from various medical, mental health, and alternative health fields who are individually and professionally committed to the science-based treatment of addiction disorders. Each Core Provider within our coalition has an advanced degree, Master’s level or higher, and is active in private practice, having serving for, at least five years, in the treatment of addiction. All providers agree to adhere to the shared protocols and applications utilized by this coalition, in accordance with the conclusions and recommendations asserted by our organization, and by CASA.

Our Core Provider Team is comprised of both “Providers” and “Support Members,” including Medical Doctors, Addiction Certified Acupuncturists, and Nutritionists, and Master’s level or higher Mental Health Providers and Social Workers. We are also supported in our efforts by numerous nonprofit agencies, and others. Additionally, we have “Auxiliary Members” including specialized massage therapists, educational counselors, naturopaths, chiropractors, EMDR practitioners, Ayurveda practitioners, and many others, who offer additional services. While our emphasis is on treatment, not leisure or social activities, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have some fun! We do have social events and gatherings that include participants from our partner SLEs!

Read our Mission & Diversity statements.