Job Opening: Care Manager / Intervention- Part Time

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Part-Time Care Manager Position

Thank you! This position has been filled.

The Care Manager (CM) is the first contact with clients and the heart of our business.  As the liaison for clients, the CM is the key communicator to provider team and the Program Manager. Sound judgement, maturity and rapid, comprehensive, clear communication are a must. Responsible for keeping treatment team and client informed and on track.  Addresses clients needs, concerns and progress.  Treatment plans are maintained and recorded diligently, both verbally and digitally.

The Care Manager ensures participants’ compliance to program elements which broadly encompasses the following:

  • Immediately responsive to program inquiries; performs intake interviews and gives first consideration for appropriateness for programs
  • Identifies problem and compliance challenges, offering resources and activities appropriate for each client including helping to source housing and transportation
  • Coordinates and monitors participants’ time management; ensures scheduling and attendance with provider appointments, gym, recovery meetings, spiritual practices, volunteer opportunities and all additional services and commitments
  • Coordinates and supports sober-living services (SLE partners), volunteer, school and/or job  placement as well as performing other social service considerations
  • Acts as supportive coach and enthusiast throughout treatment program (terms are between 1 – 6 months)
  • Follows-up (bi-monthly) for 6 months following client discharge
  • Continues to inform provider team and families regarding patient’s current and pending challenges, emergencies and/or resistances, and informs the team of clients’ changing commitment levels and behavioral compliance
  • Uses Motivational Interviewing, elements of CBT, feedback, role-modeling, constant reflection and encouragement to help client maintain program commitments, personal goals and to sustain total sobriety

Care Manager Qualifications, Licenses/Educational Requirements: Successful applicant should have familiarity with:
• Motivational Interviewing, Strength-Based Coaching, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and/or Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness, concepts of self-sabotage, faulty thinking and strength based motivation.

  • Demonstrate ability to deconstruct decision-making process to establish the “sourcing” of thoughts; able to engage clients with compassion; communicate the dynamics of personal accountability vs. “victim.”

Ideal candidates are familiar with:

  • Concepts of transformational coaching (ex: Lifespring, Aiming High, EST, Landmark, Amanae, or other self-responsible/personal growth work)
  • “Holding the space” or  “staying present”, “fierce conversations”, “triggering”, 12 Steps, Non-Violent Communication, power dynamics, “requesting/demanding” and ideally, Re-Evaluation Counseling and basic Buddhist/Transpersonal thought and/or philosophy.  (If you are not, you will require personal commitment to self-study and doing your own work.)
  • The mental and physical sequence of the “detox” experience, and have a high tolerance for others’ drama

Care Manager Critical Abilities:
• Be willing to have a flexible schedule and respond to emergencies as they arise (You may have another job with fixed hours, however our time is fluid.)
• Not “take things personally”; understand that each client is “does the best they can with what they know”
• Kind, compassionate and patient persistence
• Full command of English language and professional level grammar (verbal and written competency)
• Knowledge of, or willingness to learn basic clinical and addiction terminology and billing protocols

Hours will depend on caseload and are variable. Pay range: $25 -$30/hr, depending on experience, with potential growth within the company. Weekdays schedule with occasional on call emergency situations. Additional overnight work MAY BE OPTIONAL.

As an Independent Contractor you will have other outside clients and will invoice directly. Work is principally in Sebastopol, but may also be in Santa Rosa; you MUST have your own relatable car. If hired, this position requires annual TB test and FBI fingerprint screen.

Please respond with Cover Letter stating what attracts you to this position and why you will be good at it.  Send letter and resume in PDF format to  Thank you for your interest in serving humanity at CHI Recovery!

EOE: All qualified applicants shall receive consideration for hiring/contracting without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender description, age, disability, veteran status, or national origin. We are a very friendly and supportive community!

About This Business

CHI Recovery is a holistic and integrative evidence-based, addiction recovery and mental health treatment program with integrative, holistic team collaboration and physician oversight of restoration.