Psychology Today Awards Top Honor to CHI Recovery!

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CHI Recovery Awarded “Best in Treatment, 2014” by Psychology Today!

It was a fantastic moment. I answered the phone and was surprised to hear that the renowned journal, Psychology Today, has selected Chi Recovery as one of the top 16 “BEST in Treatment” IN THE NATION!



I was floored. ”How did you even know about us,” I asked.

”Your listing is in our online web page and your claims piqued our interest,” I was told.

“What was your criteria of selection?” I continued.

”Our national search team looked at every treatment program we are aware of and rated them on cost compared to services offered, and then matched that against the level of care offered.”

“What do you mean by “the level of care?” (Ok, now I was just milking the moment!)

“You guys offered the most superior level of professional services at the lowest price–in short, that is why you were selected!”

WOW! Some days just start out good.

If you get the magazine, check out the 3rd page of “THE BEST IN TREATMENT” section, Jan-2014 Issue.

Time to pop the Apple Cider Bubbly!