The Science of Addiction

Live a life you are proud of.

Holistic Integrative Healthcare is scientifically evidenced to be effective in treating addictions.


The evidence shows that with Holistic Integrative Healthcare patients can beat the disease of addiction, showing a success rate of 70-80% in adults who sustain sobriety after a year!  Yes, you read that right. Holistic and integrative treatments last longer and are much more in-depth then what rehabs offer.  Think about it: What other pervasive disease can you think of which massively disrupts systems of health (in this case that affects the mind and the body, interrupting entire communications systems between the brain and the neuro-systems) that can be treated by either giving a single pill a day, or by sending you away for 30 days? Simple logic would make it obvious that a disease of this magnitude would require comprehensive care and integrative therapies. And let’s not forget, healing takes time. So what is the Science of Addiction?

Scientists know that it takes 30 days or longer just to detox a person.  It takes additional time to address the damage done through long-term abuse. Once a person is free of toxins, their organs need to “wake up” again, their muscles need to come alive and their depression needs to be dealt with. Then the work of recovery begins. There were psychological causes or effects involved with addictive living. Sorting through your life, and getting a new one, takes time.

You don’t have to go into six months of hiding to find true recovery. Actually, the opposite is true—we encourage you to get out into the world, have a job, go to school, make friends, contribute your talents and gifts… live your life to the fullest: healthy and strong. Live a life you are proud of.