See the situation honestly.
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You can seek sobriety.

Or you can seek the restoration of your soul…  and get a life! 

Our program focuses on helping you heal the wounds that led you to want to numb, escape or self-destruct in the first place. We partner with you, inviting you to reframe faulty beliefs and challenge destructive thoughts and beliefs; to self-sooth in healthy ways, connect authentically, and to end or force change in unhealthy relationships or patterns that keep you confined and keeps your soul compressed. Compare addiction treatment program offered by CHI Recovery.

Psychology Today named us “Best in Treatment, 2014“.

Why?  CHI Recovery’s treatment solutions:

  1. Detox/Stabilization
  2. Integrative, Holistic Healthcare, aka “CORE Program, Part One”: Three months of evidence-based care and services.
  3. Re-Entry, Contribution and Self-Mastery Program, aka “CORE Program, Part Two”: Six months of recommended care for lifelong sobriety.
  4. Customized Programs for Mental Health: For your mental health concerns, with or without substance abuse.
  5. Customized Programs for Youth: We will treat youth, ages 14 and older, with one primary adult also participating in the program. We do not offer housing for youth and we can only accept those living locally.
  6. LGBTQI Track: We understand the need for sensitivity and familiarity with LGBTQI concerns. Special efforts are made for those seeking a welcoming and safe environment. Your program will be created in partnership with you.


Our Three-month and Six-month programs are inclusive of all of the elements that comprehensive and long-term scientific studies have demonstrated increase the odds of sustained recovery. When you compare addiction treatment programs, CHI Recovery delivers superior outpatient adult recovery treatment programs. Our therapeutic treatments are recommended by CASAColumbia as the new Gold Standard of Care.

 We are STATE CERTIFIED for the following services, with most insurances accepted. 

  • PARTIAL HOSPITALIZATION PROGRAM (PHP, also known as “Day Treatment”)
  • Our three to six-month outpatient CORE Program is seeing sustained sobriety by as much as 80% or more over conventional, inpatient care rehabs.

  • We are decreasing costs for evidence-based treatment by over 50%, compared to other honest, evidence-based programs! 

  • Ours is ground-breaking treatment that is actually working…and it comes with a loving philosophy.

These are the reasons why CHI is better at treating Substance Use Disorder:

chi-recovery-holistic-integrative-treatment1.  Collaborative, Integrative Treatments – scientifically proven to work: medical, psychological, social, spiritual  and economic services all blend together as we work as a team to provide agreed upon best treatment.

2.  Holistic –  Eastern and Western approaches are utilized in detox, pain management and philosophy. Body-Mind-Spirit are all addressed at once.

3.  Comprehensive Care – Treatments are sustained over time, (ideally 4-9 months,) and occur simultaneously with therapeutic aftercare.

4.  Trauma-Informed – Psychotherapy is provided by licensed, seasoned therapists who are very skilled in all kinds of trauma (and drama) self-harm, abuse, LGBTQI concerns, identity crisis, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety and sleep disorders and more. Clinicians areyoung-man-reading-chi-recovery-holistic-integrative-treatment all adept in DBT, CBT, family systems directive therapies and average 20 years experience.

5. Outpatient in the “Real World” – you live and work in the community, rather than being isolated in a bubble.  Learn to live a full and satisfying life without substances, while working, playing and engaging in the same world where your triggers exist.

6. Individually Customized – to meet each individual’s needs, with many additional services available to you.

7. Alternative to the Twelve – While we support The Twelve Steps, we are not a Twelve Step based program.  We encourage each individual to explore their own spiritual path, finding their own way back to the truth of who they really are.

friends-chi-recovery-holistic-integrative-treatment8. Transformational Coaching and Case Management – AOD Counselors assist with housing, school, work placements and life, supporting you in independent living.

9. Strength Based – We meet you where you are and help you go much further…until you can contribute your worthy contributions. The world needs your gifts and offerings!

10.  Family Participation – You might be the “identified patient”, but your family may be contributing to the problem. Let’s give them support and guidance as well with family services: Recovery together may lead to recovering the family.

We want to see you.  Show us who you really are…and let’s celebrate that person together!

Holistic evidence-based addiction treatment means treatment demonstrated in research studies to actually work. While pools and ponies are nice, they are not needed for recovery.

Can CHI Recovery be the key to your Recovery? Contact us NOW to find out!

Successes to Date


Studied by the renowned addiction researcher Dr. James Sorensen, professor in residence in the UCSF Department of Psychiatry, as well as a clinical psychologist on the medical staff at Zuckerberg San Francisco General, where he is the leader of the Public Service and Minority Cluster of the Clinical Psychology Training Program. He is a faculty mentor in the UCSF Center for AIDS Prevention Studies (CAPS) Visiting Professor program and leads the NIDA-funded Drug Abuse Treatment and Services Research Postdoctoral Training Program, and Dr. Jasmin Llamas, Assistant Professor, Counseling Psychology at Santa Clara University. Dr Llamas concluded that we delivered well beyond what we promised in treatments of holistic, collaborative care. We have agreed to continue to chart our successes in the future, since early outcomes are remarkable.

Download the Sorensen/Llamas Study HERE!

Next year, we have been invited by The Center for Intelligent Recovery (a 501c3) to participate in a national  tour, presenting at professional conferences as an example of  “the future of treatment.” I guess each one of us can make a difference. 

We can’t wait to see the positive differences YOU will make in other people’s lives.

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