Holistic Addiction Treatment Programs

What We Do and Why We Do It
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CHI Recovery is available to address your every addiction and mental health need. We offer fully customized holistic addiction treatment programs that will allow you to have the personalized and dedicated care that you deserve. Whether you would rather focus your energy on individual or group therapy, or find CHI’s dedication to proper nutrition enticing, we can assist you in creating a program customized to fit your unique needs. (You can find additional information on our Custom Programs HERE).

Essential to the success of the customized holistic addiction treatment program, our 30-day, 3-month, and 6-month programs, is our dedication to evidence-based care. The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse out of Columbia University (CASAColumbia) outlines 14 essential components that a treatment program must follow to effectively treat addiction. CHI Recovery ensures that all fourteen of these components are fulfilled in 3-month, 6-month programs. This is just another reason why we are different from traditional rehabs, who will fulfill only a select few of these requirements at best.

CHI Recovery also takes a unique stance on the traditional Twelve Step program. As a support group, the Twelve Step program can be incredibly beneficial, even essential, for an individual’s recovery. That’s why our participants are encouraged to become involved with a twelve step program, or another spiritual connection that will provide the same benefits, to supplement the treatment they will receive. The Twelve Step program doesn’t work for everyone, and is very unlikely to be effective without evidence-based treatment. Thankfully, CHI Recovery offers many different alternatives to the Twelve Step program, including yoga, meditation, as well as other spiritual-based meetings that truly make our programs – holistic addiction treatment.

CHI Recovery focuses on treating your mind, body, and spirit, while nurturing your intellect. The reason why CHI Recovery can provide this high level of quality holistic addiction treatment is because of our integrative healthcare model, as well as the professional healthcare providers, including Medical Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Addiction Certified Acupuncturists, Nutritionists, and licensed Mental Health providers, who make it possible.


YOUR FIRST MONTH is dedicated to healing and strengthening the body. We will continue to improve your health together, throughout the program:

  • We start you out with a medical doctor who will help you detox and who will address other physical issues you might be having.
  • You’ll also meet with the acupuncturist and nutritionist for pain management, organ detox and stabilization.
  • Your personal care providers will offer you non-addictive, non-damaging pharmaceutical support if needed.
  • If you require psychiatric or medical management support, our doctor is available to you. **
  • We will do our best to keep you off of drugs like Methadone and Suboxone, introducing you instead to natural alternatives that are safe for your mind and body. We will teach you to self-care and to use alternative therapies to heal. If these do not do the trick, we have the other traditional treatments available to us.
  • You will begin to participate in our variety of educational classes aimed at getting to the source of what makes us seek out this dangerous lifestyle, how to manage our disease, and how to use Non-Violent Communications.

YOUR NEXT COUPLE OF MONTHS you will receive frequent treatments.

  • You will see the acupuncturist frequently, sometimes 3 times per week. She or he will work with you to cleanse your organs, provide you with nutritional supplements and amino acids, and get your system awakened again.
  • Additionally, you will also be signed up for a gym membership, where you will receive an introductory session with a personal trainer who will set you on a course of core strengthening and FAR-infrared saunas that will help the rest of your body’s cells regenerate.
  • You will meet with your Medical Doctor at least three times during your first couple of months.
  • The entire time you are active in the program you will meet regularly with your various therapists and case manager.

OVER TIME, these integrative healthcare services will help halt the destruction of your disease and will put you on a path toward a more successful and sustainable recovery.


  • Once we have actually addressed the disease of addiction, and the physiological causes and effects thereof, we can get down to business–exploration of and development of Your True Self!
  • This journey is led by a team of licensed Clinical Psychotherapists who are also skilled addiction specialists
  • Your program provides you with weekly individual therapy, group therapy, and relational counseling
  • When you are ready, you will also have relational counseling sessions with whomever you choose, to clean up aspects of your life and stop hauling around of old baggage
  • Although you “graduate” in six months, you will receive regular check-in’s for up to 12 months with a case manager, whose job it is to have your back
  • One-day or Weekend Retreats are a part of the program–and are rated as one of the most valuable pieces by our families and clients.
  • Education classes and support sessions are also very meaningful.

Please read more about the program details in the holistic addiction treatment Integrative menu and also the Adult Program page.

Thank you for exploring the option of CHI Recovery.  We are here to help.

*(3-Mo, 6-Mo or Custom Programs Only!)

** (Psychiatric visits are not included in the Core Program, but may be added, if needed.)